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Update June 23- 2010 Pro's and Con's " Eat Stop Eat Fasting Program - Weight Loss Program" By Health Experts

Eat Stop Eat is designed by Brad Pilon, a professional diet specialist in fasting and in the nutritional supplement industry over seven years. He also receives a honours degree in nutrition and pursues graduate studies in human biology and nutritional science. The Eat Stop Eat is a simple yet highly effective way to lose weight that while preserving your lean muscle and metabolism. It aims is to focus on short term fasting by increasing the activity of fat burning enzymes and your metabolism instead of slowing it down.We provide you with information of Pro and Con opinions from health experts. It is up to you to just the program yourself. If you think the program is suitable to you, please consult with your doctor before applying.

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Eat Stop Eat Weight Loss Program
Losing weight does not have to be a sentence
to slavery in the gym and brutal self-punishment

The Last Diet You'll Ever Need - Eat Stop Eat
By Julia Denham Platinum Quality Author

Are you frustrated that diets just don't seem to work for you? If you've been on more weight loss programs and you can count, there's a solution. The Eat Stop Eat program may be the last diet you ever need.

Here's what makes the Eat Stop Eat program different: it's not really a diet. It's an intermittent fasting program. You fast on one or two days a week. This means that you will lose weight, because you're consuming fewer calories over a week than you usually do.

Here's how to approach this weight loss method.

1. Prepare Yourself Mentally for Your First Fast Day

Eating is a habit. You get hungry at the time of day you normally eat. Therefore the biggest challenge on the Eat Stop Eat program is your own behavior. You'll need to prepare yourself mentally for your first fast day.

Decide what you'll do at the times you usually eat.

For example it's usually best to choose a work day on which to fast. Therefore plan on what you'll do during your lunch hour. Perhaps you could go shopping, or go for a walk. You can even work through your lunch hour if you wish.

Next, decide what you'll do when the rest of the family is eating dinner. You could go to see a movie, or do something else that's pleasant.

Your first fast day is the hardest, because you're battling your own habits.

2. Take Your Measurements and Weigh Yourself

On this program it's best to weigh yourself just once a week. Therefore weight yourself before your first fast day. It's also a good idea to take your measurements. Measure your hips, waist, and chest. You could also measure your thighs.

3. Keep Track of Your Fast Days: Use a Food Journal

Many studies have shown that people who use a food journal when they're dieting lose more weight, and keep the weight off for longer than the people who don't.

A food journal is especially useful when you're on the intermittent fasting program.

You can keep your food journal on your computer, or keep it in a notebook. If you know that you're a comfort eater, make a note of your emotions as well as what you eat drink. Over a few weeks, you'll learn what triggers you to eat. (Usually people eat when they're under stress.)

Intrigued by the Eat Stop Eat program? Perhaps it's the "diet" you've been waiting for.

Have you discovered the latest dieting sensation? The Eat Stop Eat dieting plan has been helping happy dieters to shed weight quickly and safely. Strictly speaking, Eat Stop Eat is not a diet -- it's a whole new, healthy way of managing weight loss using intermittent fasting. Try it today, and watch those pounds vanish. Nutritionist Julia Denham recommends Eat Stop Eat to her clients: read a review at

Want on-going dieting help? Julia's 30 Day Slimmer Blog at gives you inspiration, motivation, and lots of tips for your weight lost journey.

Recommended Reading
Eat Stop Eat Weight Loss Program
Losing weight does not have to be a sentence
to slavery in the gym and brutal self-punishment

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